Good and healthy skepticism has long removed whatever wind happens to be left in the sails of legitimate parapsychological study – or any other credible investigation into psychic phenomena. It’s all nonsense and we know that now. But there was this magical age – around the 1950s to 1970s – where the paranormal embodied a weird plausibility. Governments around the world gave credence to its potential existence, throwing their scientists into its research for fear of being late to some “world superiority dinner” where the entrée may have been found in the dish of the paranormal. 

The era’s strange fascination drained right into pop culture and the narratives of our films. There were movies about a little girl who could start fires with her mind, a maniac who could burst heads with a bit of grimaced concentration, and a university professor who crawled into a dark box and regressed to the origin of all life. It was fun; it was weird; it snugly sported a wide collar, with tweed herringbone wool bell-bottoms topped with centre-parted, feathered locks. I loved all of it.

I really hope you enjoy the story. 
– Brak